Monday, 11 February 2013


 Blazer: Oasis via Charity Shop, Scarf: Primark, 
Leggings and Top: H&M, Trainers: Nike via Amazon

Due to looming dissertation deadlines and internship applications, my outfit posts have been few and far between lately. But I'll be making a concerted effort to get back on track again.

Apologies for the weather-inappropriateness of this outfit. This is what I wore yesterday to visit my family in Bristol, where there was no snow, but plenty of rain. After literally months of searching, I managed to find the perfect pair of everyday Nikes for me. Monochrome, comfortable, retro and inexpensive. The Oceania. I've pondered getting Nike Frees for ages, but they don't tend to suit me, so I looked at other styles and came across these. Sports Direct have a great range that are on sale (I'm drooling over the neon pink and purple and yellow pairs) but if, like me, you can't find the size or the style you're after, Amazon is a good place to look. 

I've never been a sporty dresser. Even in the 90s when everyone was in shell suits and Reebok classics, I wore the same lilac dungarees and floral leggings. So I decided to team them with a monochrome outfit, a relaxed tailored blazer, and of course, my trusty giant scarf. I can't wait to find other ways to wear these... how would you style them? 


  1. Coup de coeur pour les baskets :)

  2. These take me back to the 90's - I used to have the Cortez with a yellow Swoosh!

    Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

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  3. LOVE the trainers! X

  4. I really didn't use to like those shoes but they actually look great on you(:

  5. Those are great, so chic

    x Camilla

  6. Awesome look! You look so cool, and I am just so jealous of your hair!!!

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  7. The shoes are gorgeous! I'd probably wear them with high waisted disco pants and an over-sized denim jacket, really into the 90's look this year :) xx