Sunday, 3 February 2013

20 Facts...

I've been reading lots of these posts lately, and it's always nice to know a bit more about the people you read about regularly. I thought I might give this tag a go...
  1. My middle name is my parents' favourite song
  2. I'm a singer
  3. Everytime I go out, without fail, someone approaches me thinking I'm an actress on Hollyoaks...  it even happened abroad once
  4. My mum wanted to call me Stevie, after Nicks and Wonder, but we have too many Steves in the family and so I ended up a Stephanie (in the hope that Stevie would be my nickname... it never was.)
  5. I met Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie when I was little at a garden party
  6. I study English Literature in Reading
  7. I spend most of my time in Central London
  8. I was a vegetarian for a year, and I very rarely eat any meat now
  9. My mum's family are related to one of the original 'Milkybar Kids'
  10. I have a Shakespeare quote tattooed on my left wrist
  11. I'm planning on getting another one
  12. My first job was in a bible shop... I'm not religious
  13. I am terrified of fish. On holiday, I once sat on a rock in the sea for an hour and refused to swim back to shore because there were tiny fish nearby
  14. My Grandad and I used to love to garden together, so I know a bit about bird watching and flowers. I hope to own a florist one day. But my hay fever might rain on that parade somewhat...
  15. I'm a germophobe. And it gets worse when I'm stressed out. I take antibacterial gel and wipes EVERYWHERE with me, and sharing a Uni house with messy people means I'm living in my own personal nightmare
  16. My favourite food is pasta, if I could I'd eat it for every meal
  17. I only have one pair of heels under 5 inches tall
  18. Even though I'm 5"8
  19. I like to relax by watching cartoons
  20. I read my first Jane Austen novel when I was 11...I'm kind of a book nerd.


  1. You actually have pretty cool facts! Pretty weird you worked in a bible shop :D xx

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  3. I think this has to be the best random facts post I've read so far. Loads of cool facts :) x