Monday, 19 August 2013

Style in View

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a new website called Style in View, which was described to me as a "fashion search engine". As someone who orchestrates fruitless Google searches for miscellaneous items of clothing and accessories several times daily, this was understandably an exciting concept.

With over 1000 brands spanning from high street to high end, and a clear and user-friendly site (even for yours truly - the technophobe), Style in View will lead you quickly and calmly to what you're looking for, without any screaming, crying, or stress-induced blackouts - not that these things ever happen when I use the internet.

But that's not where the fun ends. Style in View have thoughtfully included a Wish List feature to keep your finds in one place, which sits demurely at the edge of your page, ready to jump helpfully into the screen with direct links to the products you've picked out.

The 'Get the Look' feature is equally useful; it allows you to create collections of products you love and share them. This is especially useful if you want to put some outfits together, or if, like me, your wish lists have reached the stage where it would be more prudent to categorize them. This, for example, is a selection of shoes which I amassed in 20 minutes, without even trying:

Your collections can then be made into a customisable widget, like the one above, to be shared on your blog or website. Or they can also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Email (handy perhaps, for distributing Christmas/birthday lists when Santa/loved ones need help?). To have a go for yourself, visit: