Saturday, 3 August 2013

Recent Haul

OASIS skirts

So yesterday I finished my internship. After a month of working in Covent Garden, I think I did pretty well with shopping. I didn't have to sell my organs to fund my lunchtime expenditure, and honestly I think I can write that up as a win. These are a few pieces which I picked up over the last few weeks. Firstly, the Zara shoes - which immediately caught my eye, and before I knew it, I was with them at the till. I think they'll come into their own during winter, they're just a lot of fun, and liven up a monochrome outfit instantly.

Both of these skirts came from the Oasis sale. I didn't really own anything from Oasis before, and their sale signs lured me in, so I had a quick look, and came out with the coral tile printed number, which has a glorious umbrella-like shape, and fits like a dream for £10 (£18 online). After that, I was a woman possessed, and scoured through their online sale until I found the faux leather one for £7 (no longer online). It's butter-soft, and once again, fits really well, with a really nice length. I can't recommend Oasis' online store enough, delivery was really quick, and my purchase came beautifully wrapped.

Then, there's my Kate Spade bag. I go in the Covent Garden branch fairly regularly, for a little browse, and when I saw they had a sale on I knew I had to look. I only have black handbags. I'm a notoriously monotone dresser, and as you can see, this is a habit I'm trying to break... at least for summer. This lovely little gem was obscenely discounted, and luckily the boy treated me to it for our anniversary. I was, needless to say, pleased as punch!


  1. ooh those Oasis skirts are gorgeous, I've barely ever been in to one of their stores! Love the colour of the bag too x

  2. the purse is so perfect! i adore the color!

    lindsey louise