Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On Autumn/Winter Boots...


What you see before you, are a find from a sale-dregs shopping trip. You know, when all that's left is t-shirts with make-up stains, and jackets with buttons missing, and various pieces with rips from someone who is clearly living in denial about their clothing size? Sometimes, very rarely, in these humble conditions, you will discover a treasure. These boots are from Topshop's premium range. They originally retailed at around the £100 mark (correct me if I'm wrong), but cost me £40. 

We've all been subjected recently to a lot of talk about 'The Perfect Winter Boot', and it seems that we are all in a perpetual unsatisfied state of searching for it. For me, boot shopping is not so much to do with trends as it is to do with you as an individual and your personal style. I have tried on more traditional chelsea boots than I've had hot dinners, and I can't talk myself round to buying a pair. I don't have the classic sartorial look that lends itself so well to that style, or the legs for flat boots, and I've had to come to terms with that. On the other hand, I have spent hours (admittedly 2 at most, aggregated over an extended period of time) in the Dr Martens store, bouncing around in heart-breakingly gorgeous patent leather, velvet, and studded boots, only to walk out empty-handed, and despairing over the fact that I consider myself not quite edgy enough to project the kind of anarchic disregard for authority required for Docs ownership, while I'm dutifully writing the office's tea and coffee orders down, and figuring out how to make hobnobs look neat on a plate as an intern.

These boots though, are just right. The block heels are just comfy enough to wear all day at work, and are very supportive. The silver hardware is fancy, but not ostentatious, and whilst I don't usually advocate suede for winter, I am always won over by mixed textures. And that's all before I've even mentioned the fact that they're elegantly pointed at the toes. All of this amounts to a functional but luxurious Acne vibe, in a truly versatile boot. 

They're already my go-to footwear, and it's not even that cold yet. 

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