Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday Wants #5


Sunny G's: Kurt Geiger, T: eBay, Dungarees: River Island, Bag: River Island
Slipper Flats: Missguided, Boots: Doc Martens via Kurt Geiger

So this week's Wednesday Wants has taken a distinctly '90s revival turn... which is strange because I can openly admit to not being a massive fan of the trend; but then I saw these Dungas in River Island's New In, and I lost. my. shit. Then things just spiraled out of control. 

I went through a DMs phase a few years ago. I was obsessed with getting a patent black pair, but by the time I decided I definitely wanted them, it was summer and therefore pointless. Then I found a leopard print pair on Tumblr, but upon further research I discovered that they had been discontinued. Cue an onset of ennui and melancholy wailing.  Anyway, these are amazing. I always worried that because I am rather tall and square of shoulder, there is a risk that I may resemble the Fresh Prince in Docs. But I think I would risk that for these. 

This River Island bag is beyond perfect. The fact that I just got a Uni bag is the only thing between us. But I love the chain details. These Missguided slipper flats are a gorgeous potential statement piece. I think they'd look amazing with an all-black ensemble... These sunnies are a typical example of why I consider Kurt Geiger to be the King of accessories. They're oversized and pretentious and a little bit metallic. As all good sunny G's should be... The T really needs no introduction. It is all summed-up in the mantra boldly emblazoned on its chest. I saw it on Victoria's Blog.


  1. I absolutely love the tshirt!!! :)
    Would look fab with the dungarees too!

  2. Omg love the dungarees and the docs! X

  3. those bright red flats are amazing xx

  4. That studded drmartens are sickk!<3

  5. I have that bag and it's the best thing i've bought in a long while!

  6. I have never seen Dc. Marten's like this before - I need them in my life! xx

  7. I really like the in Vogue We Trust tee x