Tuesday, 17 December 2013

We need to talk...


...about shoes. 
These, to be precise. 

When I saw them on the & Other Stories website, the sartorial wheels in my head started turning immediately. Their elegant, delicate shape is opposed almost exactly by wads of thick, black faux fur, and the heel is practically perfect - being just high enough to offer an elevated sense of self-confidence, yet low enough to significantly reduce the risk of ankle injury and/or party foot (it's totally a medical term. Look it up... Don't.)

And yet, doubt struck. What conceivable occasion could I ever have to encase my toes in faux fur?... What outfit in my possession would ever be understated enough to tone down such garishness?... What outfit in my possession would ever be obnoxious enough to match such garishness?... What if they get wet?... What if I step on gum?... What if from a distance it looks like I have hairy feet?

But then I thought, screw it. I just really want them. 

Now they're on my Christmas list.