Saturday, 30 November 2013

Weekend Wishlist


Now that I'm sort of settling in to my new job, I'm hoping that some sort of regular blogging can resume. Here's a little wishlist I put together - since Christmas is coming up I'm getting kind of obsessed with them.

I saw these pointed brogues in the Zara store near my office the other day. While I'm not usually a 'brogue' person (they really don't tend to suit me), I am now a professional person but only on the outside, and may at some point require shoes which are in no way  glittery or obnoxiously patterned for meetings. Then, at the other end of the spectrum of rationality, are the studded loafers for which I can offer no other explanation, except that I want them. Now.

Whistles is quickly becoming my new favourite place. They just get everything right. Since my a-level in French is not enough to make me a convincing Parisian, this sweatshirt will have to do. Then the trousers. Perfect in every way except for the unjustifiable price tag. There's no way I can get a decent cost per wear from a pair of formal trousers in a camouflage print, but danggit, a girl can dream.

Among all of this ostentatiousness and mindless lust, a Topshop skirt sits demurely. A shape that is somewhat incongruously both sensible and daring, and a slightly pleated waist, make it a perfect buy - I don't even have to mention the £18 price tag. But I will.... 
...'s £18. 


  1. i love those studded zara slippers! soooo nice xx

  2. Omg those trousersssss!!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Love those trousers xx

  4. LOVE this wish list, such a perfect outfit <3

    Check out my new blog, I'd love to know what you think :)