Monday, 29 April 2013

Return of the Blogger

Sunglasses ALDO (post coming soon)
T-Shirt H&M
Skirt H&M

In all honesty, for the last month or so, with two essays, exams and a dissertation looming over my head, I have been sporting little else but my (ultra stylish) fleece onesie, so ootds would have been pointless and futile. I suppose I have some things to catch you up with...
A while ago I got really fed up with being tortured  by my body hang ups. Things had gotten so bad that it was affecting my day-to-day life, and so I started myself on a healthy diet and excercise plan. I'm very proud to say that I've lost a stone so far in a month. I was thinking of doing some weight loss/recipe posts, so if anyone is interested, do let me know...
I've been offered an internship which starts in July. Having a direction to head in after University finishes (in 68 days!) has done wonders for my confidence, I'm really excited, but I have no idea what I'll wear everyday...
I handed my dissertation in last Monday, but I still have a month of exams, so it should still be a little while until normal blogging resumes. I will however, endeavour to at least post when I can.
I also had a little tidy up around here while I was away. I'm hoping you all like the new layout and my fancy Instagram widget > (don't forget to follow)

Anyway, Outfit. I did a bit of shopping this morning with my mum. Admittedly it was for my Boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, but I couldn't resist picking a little something up for myself. This tee really caught my eye in H&M, mostly because of the little panther on it. Plus I'm loving everything oversized and monochrome at the moment, so this seemed like an ideal impulse buy. I decided to style it with simple pumps and a black skirt to keep it minimal, as the stripes seemed loud enough without having to fight for focus. I also just noticed that I look a bit like a referee. Not sure how I feel about that.


  1. love a bit of monochrome! good luck with the end of your course! And well done on the internship that's great news :) x

  2. Cute look! Loving your top and pumps! Good luck with exams!!


  3. cool top, i love the look

    Lola x

  4. love the tee and how you wore it.