Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I have returned...

Considering that I have just returned from the USA - the shopping capital of the world, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a rather modest haul. In all honesty in New York we were too busy marching round the city in search of some trainers for my brother - who then decided he didn't want them. Siblings are such a joy.
Anyway, here's a breakdown (clockwise - from top left)

Slipper Shoes - Urban Outfitters
The slipper style is a favourite of mine, and having worn my Vectra's to death, I decided to invest in a relief pair.

Nail Polishes - American Apparel
AA Nail Lacquers are amazing. The range of colours is phenomenal, and they're such a high quality, I had to exercise some serious restraint to prevent myself from buying in bulk. 

T-shirts - Wet Seal
Because of my (ahem) generous bust , I find it ridiculously difficult to get t-shirts that fit properly. I wandered into wet seal and found these gorgeous V-necks  for $7.50 each. Yes.  And they fit like a dream...

Blazers - Macy's
We visited the Macy's sale 1/2 hour before closing time. These are all I managed to get. I'm really happy with them! I've wanted blazers for ages, and although I had my heart set on the burgundy colour, I adore the pattern on these!  (Plus they were reduced from $120 to $70)

Shoes - Steve Madden
Post to follow...

Tacky Tourist Vest - Hooters
Just because...

While I was away I hit 150 followers! Thank you all so much!
I'm going to get back on track with regular outfit posts and general blog maintenance, so expect more from Stephanie Wears...


  1. Love the liberty print blazers ! I was after burgundy ones too but I settled for the forest green ones xx

  2. LOVE the Steve Madden shoes and the Liberty Blazers!

  3. You have blazers. You have blazers. Oh my god, I'm in love with them! The other shoes are pretty too of course haha. Great post, hope you had fun in da U S of A. I followed :)

  4. great post

  5. love the print on your nike blazers!

    lol yes siblings are a joy!