Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When the Going Gets Tough...

 So two weeks ago, as I slaved over my laptop, trying to dig into my dissertation word count, I took a designated Twitter break, and saw a miraculous Tweet from Whistles, declaring that  their 'Delilah' clutch was now available to monogram at their Dover Street Store. Naturally I was straight on the tube to Green Park. 
I bought the clutch in black and was talked through the monogram service by one of the very helpful and lovely sales assistants...
This is the result.

There is a good range of letter colouring options, and you can choose to have small or large font (I went for large in the Lilac, as it looks more white on the dark clutch). Altogether the service comes to around £95 pounds, although I got a student discount on the bag, and paid £85. It's admittedly a lot of money for a clutch bag, but it's definitely an investment piece that I'll keep forever, and it's just so special! The whole process takes 2-3 weeks (but it's usually closer to 2) and then it's ready to collect at Dover Street. I literally want everything I own to be monogrammed now...


  1. ooh what a gorgeous bag <3 that definitely is one to keep forever and very special with the monogramme!x

  2. Looks so pretty, good choice of colours :)

  3. I want one of these so badly! Definitely worth the investment

  4. gorg!
    money well spent, love it!