Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Beauty Spot: Garnier Moisture Match

Lately, because of changes in my diet (bikini season is looming), abominably cold weather, and ridiculous amounts of stress, I have noticed a few changes in my skin.  I have been suffering through spots, and dry skin on alternate days which is proving both frustrating and confusing. 

Whilst procrastinating over an unfinished essay and catching up on my favourite blogs, I came across an advert for Garnier's new Moisture Match moisturizer range, offering free samples of tailor-made moisturizers, meant to suit all skin types.
Having never had a problem with my skin before, I'd never thought of a moisturizer. But the Garnier website informed me that moisturizing daily is important for replenishing lost good bits in your skin by way of wind and cold, pollution, stress and dehydration and all sorts. 

Since my skin is both oily and dull at the moment (seriously don't ask me how) I received a sample of 'Shine be Gone' for Oily/Combination skin, 'Protect & Glow' for Normal skin, and 'Wake me up' for Dull skin, after taking the online skin quiz. Try it for yourself here...

I tried 'Wake me up' first, since my skin was looking particularly dry and lackluster that day. It's a gel-like liquid which smells absolutely divine. It applies almost like water and absorbed quickly. My skin felt hydrated but in no way oily, and it felt very light to wear. After application my complexion was noticeably dewy and glowed like I'd had an excellent night's sleep (I had 3 hours). 

'Shine be Gone' was a disappointment in comparison. It didn't absorb very well, and felt heavy and thick all day. For an oil-free moisturizer for oily skin, it felt very greasy too. 

'Protect & Glow' has an SPF of 20 which I'm very impressed by. It also smells divine but does feel a little sticky. After application my skin had a subtle glow and looked really healthy and refreshed. 

I'll definitely be purchasing Garnier's 'Wake me up' and maybe 'Protect & Glow' for summer. Has anyone else tried these moisturizers or any of the others from this range? What did you think?


  1. Oooh haven't tried these yet, I was considering it but I had a bad reaction to a different Garnier moisturiser recently so not sure.. xx

  2. The wake me up one sounds like one I need to get!

    Sita xx